Friday, September 27, 2013

Welcome to Claim Your Cockamamie Theory.

This blog has one purpose and one purpose only: putting your stake in the ground so that you can prove that you, yes you, knew what was going to happen on Sunday night's Breaking Bad before it happened. Perhaps in the future, it will have some other purpose about some other show(s) (feel free to suggest one!) but right now, it has this one only.

Please understand that if you are reading this, you should assume other people's cockamamie theories will incorporate everything in Breaking Bad up to the penultimate episode, "Granite State." "Spoiler alert" is not a thing, because we are speculating, not passing along information.

But also please understand that if you, for some bizarre reason, are in possession of inside information, pretending it was Your Cockamamie Theory (YCT) if it is actually not is a fundamental betrayal of the relationship of trust you are entering into with random strangers by participating in CYCT.

The rules:

You may have as many alternate cockamamie theories (ACTs) as you like, provided you're not just trying to cover your bases. If your two ACTs are "Walt dies" and "Walt doesn't die," you are like the guy who wishes for three more wishes, and that guy is the worst.

You can also provide, if you like, your own best estimate that YCT is correct or has some significant relationship to the truth. In other words, you are free to distinguish theories in which you have some actual belief (52 percent!) from theories you thought of in the middle of the night that you know are ridiculous, but that you just want to be able to prove you thought of if they weirdly come true (4 percent!). This is called the EV (Estimated Validity).

Endorsing someone else's CT is a perfectly valid CT. "That guy is onto something" is a perfectly good version of predicting the future.

And now for My Cockamamie Theories, of which I have two.

1. The ricin is not for anyone. Walt knows lots and lots of ways to kill people, so it makes no sense that he would risk anything as nutty as going back to his house (where whatever mission he's on could be interrupted if, say, he ran into Carol). Thus, he doesn't just need ricin to use as poison; he needs that ricin. He needs it because he has to produce the vial that has somebody's fingerprints on it, or because he has to prove to someone that he didn't already use it, or something. If he wanted to kill somebody, he'd just kill them. Why shoot some people and poison somebody else? Why not just make more ricin, for that matter? Why do the riskiest possible thing, which is return to the one place you know is a center of suspicion? (EV: 3 percent.)

2. Walt's viewing of the Charlie Rose interview makes him conclude not that he needs to go shoot up Gray Matter, but that he needs to keep his meth business from being taken away the way Gray Matter was. So he goes and kills Lydia and the Uncle Jack Nazis, at which point he discovers, as he suspected, that Jesse was alive (which he began to suspect when he saw on the news that his meth was back in circulation).

After the Nazis are dead, he confronts Jesse in the pit. He lets Jesse out of the pit on one condition: Jesse will continue cooking for the Heisenberg operation, which will now be run by Skyler. She has demonstrated that she has a truly dark soul and an appetite for crime, and Walt realizes that Skyler can't just start spending barrels of cash, but he can leave the business for the family. So Walt dies, and Skyler inherits not the money, but the business. And the curse! Boom! (One of several problems with this CT is that once he kills the Nazis, he could just give the family the money, right? Maybe the money has all been dispersed by Jack before Walt gets there. Also, it requires Skyler to want to live a life of crime. Also-also, I think Marie has more up her sleeve than this ending accounts for.) (I didn't say it was a GREAT theory.) (EV: 8 percent.)

The comments are right there. Hit it. Don't let someone else beat you.


  1. The ricin will be consumed by Lydia, who will believe she's just adding Stevia to her hot beverage. I have no idea whether it's a Walt move or someone else, but that's where it's ending up.

    1. Fine. Badger was undercover DEA this whole time, and will lead a raid on the Nazis to free Jesse.

    2. The Stevia is a suspiciously ricin-like red herring.

  2. The ricin is for Walt. He takes care of business with the Nazis, consumes the ricin, then turns himself into the authorities, cutting a deal that will keep Skyler out of prison. Once the deal is completed, he dies in jail a few days later, with everyone assuming it was the cancer that got him.

    1. I endorse! + Jesse escapes nazis to mourn loss of Andrea & heal; starts a new life in a small Alaskan village (pls?)

    2. This seems spot on. My one addition to it would be that the flash-forward we see with Carol happens AFTER Walt has already taken out the Nazis and is ready to be arrested. His last move is to go retrieve the ricin, so when he says hello to Carol, he has no interest in or reason to show any discretion. He is arrested moments after.

    3. As stated way, way below, my only concern with this theory (which I agree is strong) is that ricin poisoning is a terrible way to die, apparently. You really would not off yourself with ricin unless you had no choice. Isn't it likely that if Walt can procure a machine gun, he can procure something less agonizing to kill himself with?

    4. I'm all for this theory. What other thing can he do so that he can take care of his business (i.e. Jack and Todd,) get arrested, defend his reputation and clear skyler's name, but still die soon after? Ricin might be a horrible way to die, but then he could avoid being trapped in the courts and jail for the rest of his meager existence.

      Or at least that would be his plan. I can't imagine everything working out just as Walt wants it to.

    5. This one has legs. And I can see Walt deliberately putting himself in for a horrible painful (but relatively quick) death as a kind of hair-shirt expiation of his many, many, MANY sins.

    6. Alan's theory is close, except Walt will orchestrate things so that Skyler will be the one who cuts the deal with the DEA, by letting the authorities know when and where to find Walt. In his final bit of play acting, Walt will maintain the ruse and act surprised when the Feds storm his location.

      Interestingly then, Walt's last moral dilemma will be whether to let the Feds know where to they can find Hank. My guess is Walt keeps tight lipped, they never find him, and the desert (which has been a character on the show) retains a lot of secrets in the end...

  3. Walt is going to save the only person he can, the only person who would even welcome his efforts, Jesse. "This can't all be for nothing" was his cry during his call to Flynn, if his son and wife have written him off then he'll try to make one, final ditch effort to see his hard work leave the filthy hands of Uncle Jack and go to someone he at least USED to care about. He wastes the Nazis, frees Jesse, gives him the money, begs for his forgiveness and goes into a coma brought on by the cancer. His first stop, however, on his revenge tour will be somewhere near Lydia to give her what previous poster Adam suggested, a Stevia/Ricin fake-out. VIVA BREAKING BAD!

  4. 1. Walt, having heard that someone's still making the blue meth, goes after the Nazis. But he's a sick man who's never used a machine gun before, going up against a team of hired killers, so I'd say the odds aren't in his favor. The only time Walt's managed to kill anyone was when he either had strategy or surprise on his side, so I'm trying to figure out what his play is here. Maybe he's just doing a blaze-of-glory thing. He shows up, tries to shoot, and at the worst possible second, the gun jams (which would be a nice call-back to the gun jamming in the pilot when Walt tried to kill himself). Jesse manages to get himself killed in the fire-fight leading up to the gun jam. The neo-Nazis know about Walt's family, and, as with Jesse, decide to use that as leverage against Walt, to punish him for fucking with them. Walt sees Skyler killed, and then they ship him off to the Czech republic to make more blue. He swallowed the ricin before going into the shoot out, though, and dies on the plane. Maybe he manages to crash it as he goes, and takes Todd out with him. Marie raises the kids. (EV: 4 percent)

    That is the bleakest I could come up with, so I'm going to assume I'm wrong.

    I feel like the ricin has to have a reason to it; this isn't a show that does something like that without reasons. My other idea: Walt got it so he can turn himself over to the police (post neo-Nazi kill), but not have spend any time in jail. (and I called Walt taking the ricin himself back at the premiere, so if I'm right, I demand a parade). (EV: 2 percent.)

  5. Walt rides in to attempt to rescue Jesse (taking out most of the Nazis and Todd on the way) in an attempt to calm his conscience/reclaim his good name, only to find Jesse gives him a Flynn style "screw you!" and refuses his help, and reclaims some shreds of confidence/humanity while destroying all chances of the operation to be up and running again so Walt cannot reachieve his "greatness." Seeing no other options, Walt returns to Skyler to apologize/try and get some help, offering the ricin along with some kind of crazy Walter White scheme as some kind of penance that he can use to get them out and together again (in a climactic night scene set next to a pool) and she rebuffs him and finally turns him in to the police.

  6. OMG linda, the two theories I had are your exact two. Great minds think alike..

  7. Here goes, and after spending way too much time thinking about this show in general: Walt is energized by the appearance of Gray Matter on Charlie Rose. I think he was getting ready to lay down and die in NH after he was rejected by his son, but watching the destruction of what he cared about the most - above family and money - brought him back. Walt has always wanted to be the smartest guy in the room, not the richest or most loved. And Gray Matter, by belittling the contributions he made to the company, took that away. He was just another mid-level chemist, turned HS teacher, turned meth cooker. I think he's going to take out the Nazis and rescue Jesse in the process, although unexpectedly. While Walt may have taken the Ricin for his own consumption after the attack on the Nazis, I think he'll give it to Jesse instead and not to settle their score, but to simply put him out of his misery. He is broken beyond repair. Skylar will not go to jail, but will lose everything the family worked for. And Walt? He'll walk off into the desert to die alone.

  8. Walter takes on the Nazis with the machine gun, the entire lab blows up - though injured he escapes with Jesse.

    Jesse now has the power and a choice; he could kill Mr White but then Walter would die instantly and not have to suffer and really does he deserve that? Instead he leaves him bleeding to death through injury and too weak to move because of the cancer and walks away - leaving the Ricin close enough if Mr White wants to crawl over and get it (and still die a painful death)

    Jesse finds his way back to civilization but he is a damaged messed up soul, upon seeing Brock safe with his grandma and seeing a newspaper about Skyler's upcoming trial he decides to hand himself in. He may not be Walter White but still has enough crimes that the blame would shift from Mrs White to him.

    Jesse ends up in prison, he may be screwed up but he sees it as a chance for redemption. Skyler, the kids and Marie head off for a new life.

    We see someone probably a new gang of drug dealers discover the blown up lab and Walter's dead body - they end up putting it in a barrel and starting up their own operation.

    Life goes on, meth still gets cooked but Walter White is dead and those he has manipulated and abused are ready to move on.

  9. Entire final episode is an extended, very graphic sex scene between Walt and Gretchen, scored to "Hallelujah."

    Also, Saul's secretary is revealed to be Lydia's mother.

  10. Jesse, who, let's face it, is pretty much over life at this point, decides to self destruct the lab with the Nazis inside, taking himself out and also protecting Brock. Walt shows up to destroy the Nazis with that machine gun (out of pride and money, not in any attempt to rescue Jesse), so Jesse also gets to blow up Walt along with everyone, and he finally gets to demonstrate to Mr White that he did retain some chemistry knowledge! (EV: 4 percent)

  11. We open the episode at the Carol scene.

    Carol drops her groceries in shock.

    "Hello, Carol." Walt growls.

    Suddenly, Carol reaches into her grocery bag and produces a tommy gun, immediately gunning Walt down.

    The rest of the episode is Huell waiting in a room, occasionally checking his watch. At one point he gets up and has the second most dramatic bowel movement in the entire series. Then he goes back to waiting on the couch and picking his own pocket (to pass the time).

    Finally, we hear the door about to open. Huell looks up. Its Skinny Pete and Badger, dressed for a comic con. All three men (and indeed, the entire nation of Breaking Bad) share a moment of extreme perplexity. We fade to black, and the credits roll to the traditional Star Trek: TNG music.

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  13. MCT: Walt arrives at the Nazi complex with an offer, which perplexes Jack and his crew. He leads them to his car to open the trunk, at which point we realize the trunk is empty. At that moment, Badger flanks them with the M60 with Skinny Pete playing Flight of the Bumblebee on the keyboard he finally decided to buy. Walt runs for cover as Badger lets loose on the Nazis. They try to pull their guns but Scotty beams their firearms into space before they can shoot. Badger dispatches the whole crew and begins calling for Jesse. Walt, hiding behind a dumpster, is suddenly feeling full of life again as he realizes that Scotty accidentally beamed his cancer out to space as well. He flees the scene as Badger frees Jesse from the pit. Jesse finds himself confounded that Walt freed him without the intention of a confrontation. The next day, we see Jesse driving, alone, out of New Mexico, looking for a new life for himself. He stops at a diner and Lydia comes in to talk to him. She tells him that she has other members of her crew waiting outside, and he must go with them to keep the operation going. Jesse gives her the Jesse lecture and refuses, and walks out of the diner away from the crew in a final moral stand. The crew guns him down as he walks out into the desert. Meanwhile, Walt's family receives a letter from him with instructions and a final message, since he can't get near them without being apprehended. As we hear Walt's voice reading the letter, we realize that he is giving them secret instructions on how they will receive the 80 million (it is being stored in an old Lazer Tag facility). We see Walt taking extreme measures to travel across the Atlantic as Lydia is shown dying from Ricin poisoning (Walt had Badger give the Ricin to Jesse knowing Lydia would come after him). In closing, we see Heisenberg, pork pie hat and all, making a "53" out of bacon in a cafe in the Czech Republic. He has a really nice watch on. (EV: <0.4 percent)

  14. Walt's statement that it all can't be for nothing comes to full force. He is shot by the Neo-Nazis after confronting them and dies there. The (brief) gunfight does set of an explosion in the meth lab, as a result all the money burns. Jessie escapes during this, finds Walt's car with his new ID and address as well as the ricin. Jessie flees to the cabin in the granite state. Meanwhile Todd escapes and when Lydia is cross with him he kills her. Show end with Jessie wondering if he can go on living in the cabin flanked by the ricin and the remaining barrel of money. EV Walt's anticlimactic death 5%, Show end with Jessie in the cabin 50%, Todd kills Lydia 90%

  15. Tyra shows up looking and her bra strap is showing and Landry gets all distracted, allowing Jesse to make a run for it. Coach Taylor, who'd heard about Lance/Landry breaking bad, shows up from Philly in hopes of saving him, but he gets distracted himself, by Pinkman's surprising speed and agility. (He needs a kick returner.)

    He quickly discovers that Pinkman only finished two years of high school and thus has two remaining years of eligibility, and with Julie Taylor waving tentatively from the car, Pinkman agrees to make the drive to Philly.

    Just then Mr. White shows up, and immediately feels threatened by Coach Taylor's mentoring of Pinkman. But after a long talk, it's discovered that Mr. White happens to have a convoluted hypothesis about offensive football involving the use of two quarterbacks and no offensive lineman. Intrigued, Coach Taylor invites him to Philly to serve as an offensive consultant, and the five of them -- Coach Taylor, Julie, Pinkman, Walter and a clearly perturbed Mrs. T -- make the long drive to Philly, where they live happily ever, at least until Walt designs an undetectable PED and derails everything.

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  17. The Ricin is for Gray Matter, with maybe a little left over for Lydia. Walt wants to bring Gretchen and Elliot low, so he will use the Ricin to ruin their reputation, perhaps by poisoning something associated with them, so that the blame goes to them.

    He'll do that first. Then he'll go to the Nazi compound, kill everyone but Todd. Jesse will convince Walt to let him kill Todd. Then, he'll have the gun, and he'll aim it at Walt, saying "I should have done this a long time ago." And Walt will tell him to shoot. "You'll be doing me a favor."

    Then Jesse will have only one thing left to do. He loves kids, so he'll reconnect somehow with Brock, and thus he'll have a reason to carry on.

    (My original post suggested he wanted to end the theft of his intellectual property -- the fact that the Nazis were making and selling his formula -- but nah, he'd already agreed to that when he got out of the business.)

    1. I continue to believe there simply isn't time for a big confrontation with/assault on Gray Matter and also a big confrontation with/assault on the Nazis and also a confrontation with Jesse and also whatever may still be coming with Skyler and Marie.

    2. I don't see how Walt thinks he can take on the Nazis after witnessing their firepower in the desert. While in hiding with Saul, Walt was looking for five hit men to help him take down Uncle Jack and the Nazis.

    3. Agreed, I think that's the last we'll see of Elliot and Gretchen. They were just a catalyst, to get Walt back to NM.

  18. An endorsement: That Sepinwall may be onto something (I also applaud Ms. Holmes, Zach Handlen, purelypixel). It seems too obvious that the ricin would be used as a straightforward murder weapon. (EV 25%)

    CT: It's going to take Walt a bit to get back to Albuquerque, life is going on while in transit. Confident from his recent purity improvement, Todd makes an explicit advance on Lydia the next time they have a rendezvous. She's immediately creeped out. Even if there's demand in the Czech Republic, Madrigal is worldwide and she doesn't have to settle on this group of Neo-Nazis for supply. She calls off the arrangement, sending Todd into an emotional tailspin from "kinda, sorta a Neo-Nazi with that kid nextdoor vibe" into "straight up Neo-Nazi."

    What's this mean? No use for Jessie anymore. The Nazis can sell with their own distribution at a lower purity level without any remorse. He's executed by Todd in some unceremonious way.

    When Walt finally arrives in Albuquerque, he calls Todd asking about the blue meth rumors. (Walter White is smart... but could he possibly guess that the Neo Nazis have enslaved his former partner based solely on Charlie Rose?). Todd, now in fullblown Neo-Nazi mode, says something about that problem being eradicated, Mr. White can come check for himself.

    Sensing this will not be a feel-good reunion, Walt attempts to go see Skylar and the family first. It's only Skylar and Holly at home, she berates him for what he's done to the family and reiterates her wish for the cancer to finish him off. Before he can go all Heisenberg, he notices Marie and Flynn are pulling up to the apartment. He rushes for the machine gun and, maybe not at first, ends up aiming it at them in order to demand an escape from the situation.

    The final scene is a showdown with the Nazis. When Walt pulls up, he's greeted by Todd with all of the regulars within sight. Walt asks about Jessie, Todd leads him to what's left of the guy. Walt breaks down a bit, Todd offers him a cup of tea. He accepts, eventually finding a moment to drop the ricin into Todd's tea (after one of those great “Bryan Cranston silently conveys an idea with only his face” moments). When Walt eventually says he'll be leaving, he's given the ultimatum of becoming the new cook or meeting his end. Todd is starting to show signs of illness, Walt insists they should focus on his well-being at the moment, but (as with Hank before him) the Nazis have made their minds up 10 minutes ago. Walter White never gets to use his shotgun, he also goes down unceremoniously at the hand of a bunch of Nazis... who will continue to cook meth and keep the money that can't save his newly hardluck family. (EV 1.2%—I feel the best about Walt trying to scare his way out of a bad spot with the family via shotgun threat. I also just like the idea of him not having the opportunity to do anything remotely redeeming after all his atrocities.)

    1. One final CBTTWM (cockamamie bleak theory that worries me, ala Zack Handlen): I'm still not confident Walt gets the gun with the intent of tango'ing with the Nazis, but I totally buy he gets it knowing madness waits for him if returning to ABQ/it may be for them.

      What if Lydia's "Western Union" comment hits a chord with Todd? Perhaps while Walt is en route to ABQ, Todd and co. do put a hit on Skylar (the most gutpunchy of all gutpunch deaths? It'd be up there). Marie is the first to discover when going back to check on her sister, Walt tries calling Skylar's cell and gets into a convo with Marie (who notifies the authorities, etc.). Todd, being the non-evil genius type, lets this somehow slip ("Sorry for your loss, Mr. White") when Walt calls him to inquire about the blue meth, things can then fall off the rails (further) from there.

  19. Act I: Walt shows back up at Nazis' lair. They tell him to GTFO of there, since he's hot as hell and they're more than square. Walt tells them that he's only there to warn them that while he’d never flip on them, that he had a partner who is about to go to the feds and implicate the Nazis. Nazis believe Walt, but decide one of them should stay behind with him. Todd stays behind with Walt.
    Act II: Gretchen/Elliot's mansion, where the Nazis are high-tailing it to kill their "enemies" in the meth trade. Nazis break down gate, triggering alarm system that summons police. Gretchen/Elliot make it to panic room after the Nazis break into house. Police get there, and Nazis start firing when they see cop cars. Backup is called for, leading to full blown shoot out with the Nazis. The Nazis are killed in a massive firefight with the FBI/ATV.
    Act III: Back at the Nazis' lair, Walt tells Todd that he hard that the “blue” is back in circulation, and he'd like to see his cook. He's impressed, but tells Todd he has something in the trunk that can make the cook even better. Walt gets to the M60, pulls it on Todd, and asks him how he managed to cook so well. Todd confesses Jesse alive. Walt finds evidence from Hank's investigation, puts it all into his trunk, sets car on fire. Walt handcuffs Todd, then goes to free Jesse. Jesse asks Walt to kill Todd, says they'll be square, and that he'll leave. Walt gives Jesse ricin capsule. Jesse finds rest of ice cream, shares it with Todd, puts ricin in ice cream, Todd dies. Walt gives Jesse a million dollars and tells him they’re square, but if he ever comes back to ABQ all bets are off.
    Act IV: Walter White is in a suit walking up courthouse steps with feds next to him. He looks emaciated and gaunt, and is coughing profusely. Reporters chase him up the steps barking questions, but a serious White (who we only see from the neck up) doesn’t answer. Flash forward to courtroom. Walter is on stand. Prosecutor asks him how he got into meth trade. Walter says, “Ellliot and Gretchen Schwartz started producing meth after I sold them my share in the company” Camera pans to a sullen/shocked looking Elliot and Gretchen Schwartz in orange jumpsuits in defendant’s box). I only got involved because of my cancer, when they reached out to me thinking they could improve the purity of their product. They were working with a local businessman named Gustavo Fring, who had recently lost his cook.” Walter keeps talking as the camera pans around the courtroom, showing Marie, Skyler, and Walt Jr., all dressed up and watching intently. Walter’s voice and the scene gradually fade out.

    EV .01%

    1. Act IV is what I imagine Walt doing

    2. This CT works for me, especially Act IV.

    3. I like Act IV as well. However, Vince Gilligan has always said that he likes to see the bad guy get punished in the end. I don't see Walt getting away with everything.

  20. Gun is for the Neo-Nazis. Walt is going to kill all of them, save Jesse and send him off with instructions for Skyler so she can get the money back later. He makes a tape confessing to everything without implicating Jesse or Skyler and sends it to the DEA. Then Walt goes back to the desert where Hank and Gomez are buried, takes the ricin and quietly dies.

    Meanwhile, as one last screw you to Walt, Jesse finds a way to get Walt's money to Brock and walks away.

  21. After dispatching the Nazis with some chemical explosion, he finds Jesse in the pit. He lowers a week's supply of blue meth and gear to his former partner. He drives a low-suspension car over the pit so Jesse can't open the gate again and he leaves.

    Alternatively, Todd and Jesse are cooking when Walt comes in. Todd is distracted by the commotion and Jesse manages to kill him with product in mid-production, some awful chemical meth deth. "97%, bitch!" Walt comes into the lab, sees Todd dead and Jesse in chains. He departs, blocking all exits and leaving Jesse to either the cops, a meth suicide or a slower death.

    After making a video more sinister than the one he made about Hank, this one to ruin the Schwarzes' reputation, and before sharing a ricin tea with Lydia, he goes back to to the house and with some of the money he compensates his neighbor Carol for the dropped bag of groceries. Somehow he leaves a note containing the new GPS coordinates for the cash, the meth recipe and Kaylee Ehrmantraut's contact info for Baby Holly to be opened when she reaches majority. Breaking Bad Bitches is the spinoff.

  22. Maxed out at 4,906 characters, so check out my full finale prediction here:

    It incorporates the Nazis, Gray Matter, Madrigal, ricin, Drew Sharp's tarantula, Marie's color purple, Flynn's driving skills, the teddy bear eye and much more!

  23. Walt attempts to Rambo the Nazis, but fails; however in the effort, Jesse gets free & blows up the lab, with the Nazis perishing. In the chaos, Walt ends up stuck in Jesse's prison pit, with the ricin out-of-reach. Jesse leaves him to rot, and takes a barrel of money. He leaves most of it for Marie, and gets some to Brock. Jesse hitchhikes to Alaska, free of all remnants of the past two years. Skyler rats out Lydia, who gets sent to women's prison. Walt is left in the hole, screaming out to nobody, impotent and alone.

  24. The big split is whether the Charlie Rose interview triggered Walt to act because (1) it mentioned the Blue was back on the streets or (2) his contribution to Gray Matter was diminished. How you come down on that drives whether Walt is going after the Nazis or the Schwartzs.

    Given what Walt did to Jesse in the desert I don’t see how Walt could be heading out to save Jesse. That relationship is over. Perhaps Walt wants to kill Jesse to preserve his Blue formula and process.

    Walt saw the firepower of the Nazis in the desert. While holed up with Saul, Walt was looking for five good hitmen to help him take down the Nazis. I don’t see how one big gun changes that. They have $70 million of his money, but money no longer seems to be Walt’s motive. He can’t spend it or give it to his family.

    That leaves me with the conclusion that Walt is going after the Schwartzs and Gray Matter. We flash way back to see the formation of the company and learn why Walt get kicks out. Walt ties that event to robbing him of his legitimate fortune.

    But you’re looking for a cockamamie theory, so let’s embellish: Nazis against the Jews.

    Walt breaks into the Gray Matter offices and calls Uncle Jack. Walter has already told Skyler to go into hiding so the Nazis can’t find her or the kids. Walter tells Uncle Jack that he is going to the DEA unless he gets his money back. Uncle Jack is able to trace the call back to the Gray Matter offices, loads up the Nazis and heads out.

    Walter sits himself in the office of Elliot and Gretchen. And holds them at gunpoint asking them why they kicked him out of Gray Matter and why Gretchen chose Elliot over him.

    The Nazis break in, guns a-blazing, battling it out with the over-matched Gray Matter security. Walt has called the DEA and the FBI. The feds come in and join the firefight.

    Walt pops open the Ricin and snorts it. With death coming, Walt pulls out the big gun.

    “Say hello to my little friend!” and charges into the firefight to take out Uncle Jack himself. Die in a blaze a gunfire. Gray Matter is destroyed.

    While the dust is settling, Jesse is in the lab with Todd who stayed behind because they were in the middle of a cook. The feds come charging into the compound. Todd dies in firefight. Jesse is caught and imprisoned.

    In the final scene Lydia is seen meeting a different meth cook, and the cycle continues.

  25. I just want to add to all of these things that ricin is a slow, agonizing way to die, involving your organs shutting down over a period of days. If you were going to put yourself out of your misery, my sense is that it's a terrible, terrible way to do it, and I'll be suspicious of any ending in which Walt decides to off himself via ricin poisoning.

  26. Walt, realizing that (1) Jesse must still be alive, (2) his empire has been taken from him a second time, and (3) he has nothing to give his family but his life, goes back to crush the Nazis and clear Skyler. He knows that, as a dying man, he has no chance on his own. He needs an inside man: Jesse. They ambush the Nazis, each claiming a cathartic kill: Todd for Jesse, Jack for Walt. But there's a second part to Walt and Jesse's alliance: Walt lets Jesse shoot him to death, in exchange for Jesse calling the DEA so that they can find him and close the Heisenberg case. Skyler goes free and starts again, refusing any part of Walt's blood money. Jesse takes Brock to Alaska, with $80 million.

    Oh, and the ricin? Why, dear viewer... it was for YOU.


    1. To expand your ricin theory - Walt puts it in a mini-plastic barrel, along with some other paraphenalia. And then every copy of this will contain a small vial of white powder:

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  28. Walt goes back to Albuquerque and we get a nice montage of all the meaningful places from earlier in the series. There's Los Pollos Hermanos. There's the house where Walt killed Crazy Eight. There's the house where the ATM machine fell on that guy's head.

    Eventually Walt drives out to deal with Uncle Jack. Walt is able to use surprise to vanquish most of them and he goes to pull Jesse out of the hole. Todd is not quite dead and he is about to shoot Walt but Lydia shoots Todd first. Walt reaches down again and grabs Jesse's hand and pulls him up and...

    Walt is pulling Jesse up onto the upper bunk on a train. The episode ends with the train going into a tunnel.

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  30. Alternative "Team Walt" CT:

    The ricin is not ricin. Because Walt is a f*ing genius, it is THE CURE FOR CANCER. He pops it, his head immediately shaves itself, a Heisenberg hat falls on his head, and for some reason his sleeves fall off and his arms are totally ripped.

    The gun is for everyone: the DEA, his buzzkill wife, his ingrate kid, whiny-ass Marie, crybaby Jesse. Everybody dies. Shouldn't have bet against, Heisenberg, suckas! (Exception: Baby Holly. Why would anyone write a baby into this show? Jesus. So in the finale it turns out there never was a baby.)

    Walt gets his money, climbs on a dragon, and flies away with the hot chick from Game of Thrones. (EV: 1000%)

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  32. Not reading any other first, just for fun:

    Walt takes out the Gray Matter folks with the ricin and in the midst of the manhunt for him heads for the neo-Nazi compound where in the chaos and the carnage he accidentally kills Jesse. Transfixed in his grief and final shame, he's shot and the shooter is revealed to be the one angel of vengeance against him...Marie Schrader.

  33. Walt will rescue Jesse.

    But, both of them will die in a way we are not expecting.

    The last scene will most probably be a flashback involving both of them.

    Breaking Bad is ultimately about Walt & Jesse. The final epsiode will be all about this duo & their final journey

  34. Vince Gilligan, creator of Breaking Bad, also wrote and produce The X-Files. Walt is actually the character Brian Cranston played in the 1998 episode of The X-Files, Patrick Crump. The show ends with Mulder and Scully racking up yet another unsolved X-File. Oh, and aliens

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. Walt's main problem is that he can't get his money to his family. Saul made that clear at the start of Granite State -- even Mike couldn't do it. Walt's entire goal -- his entire project -- for the entire show has been to get money to the family. His last gasp effort was to at least get $100k through Lewis (Louis?) to Flynn. And once even that failed, he gave up. He was out of options.


    He sees Gretchen and Elliot lie. He sees them claim that Walt had nothing to do with the start of Grey Matter. Walt leaves that bar with a new plan and with new hope. He can finally get a nest egg to his family -- only this time, legitimately.

    He will threaten Gretchen and Elliot to reveal his actual key role in the founding of Grey Matter. Unless the Schwartzes agree to an out of court settlement to legitimately pay off Walt. And that money will go from Walt to his estate, finally giving money to his family.

    Gilligan says Walt will have a kind of victory in the end. That's the victory -- he provides for his family.

    So what is the ricin for? What is the gun for? What happens to the Nazis? What happens to Jesse? I have no idea. But I feel pretty sure I know why Walt left that bar in such a hurry.

    1. This is the best theory I've seen about why the Grey Matter interview gets Walt out of New Hampshire. He sees a way to get legitimate money to his family, probably through a scene with Gretchen and Elliot. This leaves the ricin and the gun.

      I'd agree with the prevailing theory that the ricin is for Lydia's Stevia tea. The setup reminds me of the season-long reminders preceding Jane's murder that lying on your back and vomiting is deadly - same kind of repeated hints. Lydia is the last party with a legitimate reason to go after Skyler. Using the ricin, which is untraceable, would keep anyone from questioning Lydia's connection to Walt - another potential pitfall for Skyler, who Walt is still trying to protect. Significantly, Lydia has talked her way out of being murdered twice before (once facing this very same vial of ricin), and I think she may be able to do it again - but probably not.

      I'd theorize that M60 is not, as everyone assumes, to attack an army of Nazis. As Newsday's Verne Gay points out, Walt told his arms dealer that the gun "would not even leave town," which rules out the Nazi's meth compound as a target - probably (we don't know where the compound is, truthfully, but we assume it's remote.)

      Gay also points out that Walt has three boxes of TRACER ammo for the M60. As anyone who has watched more than three complete seasons of Mythbusters knows, tracer rounds are your best bet if you're trying to light something on fire, such as a propane tank. I think Walt is going up against a "hard target" in Albuquerque that he wants to blow up, but gunning down paramilitary ground troops is not his style and probably it's outside his ability.

      I agree that judging by Breaking Bad's well-established moral compass, Baby Holly, Walt, Jr., Jessie and Aunt Marie must live. Walt's already hit bottom, so I don't think there's any need to kill Walt, Jr. Skyler, I think, must die - she was in on too much, and only gave it up because she thought she had no other options.

      Also, Walt must die. I think Walt knows it, too - that's why it doesn't matter to him that Carol spotted him in the driveway. But we have to remember that WALT HAS A PLAN and it's likely VERY CLEVER. He just isn't planning to be alive by the time he's done.

      EV 30%

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. Walter's gonna come in and gun down all the critics who rebuked the Misaimed Fandom (aka "Bad Fans") for not reading the text correctly cause it turns out they were reading the text correctly. Then he's gonna get Todd and Uncle Jack to sell Carol some of their product for ***REDACTED*** and Giggles. When he realizes Jesse's their prisoner, he's gonna give him the ricin and tell him to cook a big batch of meth or else he's dead. When he's finished, Walt lets him die anyway, again for ***REDACTED*** and Giggles. Then everyone who's still alive is gonna go to DEA Albequrque and get them to buy some. And they'll all get high together.

  39. Walt, after killing Lydia with the ricin, engages in a firefight with the Nazis in an attempt to retrieve his monies. In the confusion, Jesse escapes into the New Mexico desert, but only after killing dead eyed Todd by smashing his head in with a brick. Meanwhile, Huell, tired of waiting, escapes the motel room and steals a car. By chance, Huell accidentally runs over Jesse hitchhiking near Albuquerque. Huell gets out to see if he's okay, and notices that he has a bag containing several million dollars. He throws it in the back of the car and rides off into the sunset.

  40. Walt blackmails the Schwartzes -- threatening to reveal how much he actually contributed to the founding of Grey Matter. The Schwartzes agree to pay up to avoid the embarrassment. Walt's will has that lump sum go to Skyler and the kids, after Walt's death.

  41. Walt guns down the Nazis but Todd escapes with Jesse, moves to Texas, adopts the name Landry, poses as a HS student, befriends the backup QB, and eventually forces Jesse to attempt to rape the girl he's crushing on so he can swoop in heroically and kill the rapist/Jesse with a shovel.

    Walt attempts to poison Lydia's coffee with the ricin but before he can she reveals that she, too, has cancer, caused by her Stevia addiction. Walt improbably falls in love and the two get married in an infusion center. They throw the ricin (Walt mishears when she says she wants to throw rice) at the reception, killing dozens of guests.

    Marie, Skylar, Walt Jr., and Holly escape ABQ for Greenwich Village, where they star in a spinoff of BB/tribute to Kate & Allie. Holly calls them both Mama and Walt Jr. eats breakfast. Marie and Skylar repeatedly get into relationships with men who can't get along with each other (eg, Skylar dates an atheist, Marie dates a pastor; Skylar dates a Wall Street broker, Marie dates an Occupy protester). Hilarity and heartwarming moments ensue.

    Scarred from the loss of his mother, Brock grows up to be a meth kingpin. Skinny Pete and Badger become his henchmen. Ted launders his money. Huell and Kuby become his lawyers.

    EV: 0.0001%

  42. My crazy theory is that Gale will turn out to be the illegitimate chemistry-genius love-child of Walt and Gretchen, unbeknownst to Walt until the end.

    (No, not really.)

    I predict Jesse will survive. I read an interview with Aaron Paul in which he says he thinks about Jesse and wonders if he's doing okay. If Jesse dies, this doesn't make sense. (Okay, that was a deduction, not a prediction.)

    I agree with predictions that Walt WON'T kill himself with ricin. That would be a ridiculous method of suicide.

    I also predict that Vince Gilligan will have enough sense to honor the show and not focus the finale on the Nazis. Who cares about the Nazis? This show is about Walt, Jesse, Skyler, the kids and Marie. It's about character, not mindless action.

  43. 1. Walt lives, because Breaking Bad isn't the story of Walt's demise, its the origin myth of Heisenberg. Just think of all the things people will whisper about him, he killed his DEA agent brother-in-law, he poisoned an entire mexican cartel (I know, not really), he wiped out an entire white supremecist group, etc.

    2. You know what that ricin looks a lot like to me? Stevia. A person who always has stevia with her tea would be very easy to poison, and if that person uses a lot of stevia, they wouldn't notice the taste. Heck, the poisoner could even drink the same tea, to prove that it was safe.

    3. Walt moves to Czech Republic to continue being Heisenberg.

  44. There are certain absolutes:

    Lydia is a threat to Skyler, therefore Lydia must die.

    Todd and the Nazis are a threat to Brock and Holly, therefore they must die.

    Marie deserves a measure of revenge, or at least closure.

    The children must get some or all of Walt's money so they're not raised on food stamps. And they must not know it's his money, or they'll reject it. This will involve Gray Matter and factor into Walt's "kind of victory."

    Walt deserves to die.

    Jesse deserves to live.

  45. I have very little confidence in these predictions, and they are farily random, but we will see:

    1. The episode will start with a flash back to Grey Matter. We'll finally figure out why Walt got out -- which is the ultimate reason for his bitterness and anger. Also, we'll figure out how, with all his talent, he got "stuck" as a science teacher -- maybe he got Skyler pregnant, had to get what he thought was a temporary job, and with Flynn's disability could never escape till it was too late??

    2. At some point, the Marty Robbins song El Paso will be played as Walt travels back to ABQ. He's desperate to see his felina (ultimately, pride, a feeling of power, and a desperate desire to be adored as great).

    3. Lydia refuses Todd's advances. Things don't go well for her.

    4. Jessie will have one last, glorious moment where he kills Todd (and perhaps the other Nazi's), followed by a "_____ Bitch!"

    5. Jessie does live, and has a chance to start a new life. I think that Walt will have a chance to kill him, but will relent. Vince is a softie at heart.

    6. Walt will ultimately "win" in the end, in the sense that he'll do something that will cause the world to "remember his name." He's more pissed about the fact that the Nazi's are making blue meth; the world needs to know that he built a business that would have been listed on the NASDAQ. Not sure how he dies, but the only thing to comfort him as he dies will be his sense of "accomplishment" that he was great. It will be hollow and bitter, but its all that he has.

    7. Skyler and the kids? At least some of them die. Its not good.

    1. Yes on #1. We have to learn how WW went from being a hotshot chemist to a high school teacher, why he gave up his big dreams for such a pedestrian life. I too suspect that it's because of Flynn.

  46. Also -- and this is really, really speculative -- Walt's phone call to Skyler will be leaked. It will become popular on the internet. Why do I think this? Just like our friends made fun of Skyler-haters through Walt's tirade, they will also make fun of all of those people who revel in Walt's "bad ass" comments.

  47. There seems to be a general expectation that the flash-forward at the beginning of the 2nd half of season 5 is prior to the main events of the finale. I disagree. As the most wanted man in America, Walt wouldn't show up in broad daylight and say hi to his neighbor unless he figured he was done - i.e. those events happen closer to the end of the show.

    The episode has to explain how he gets the car, how he travels across country, etc. After arriving back at ABQ he somehow rescues Jessie using his superior scientific skills and picks up the machine gun that ends up in his trunk in the course of that sequence as their escaping from Jack's compound. He's not planning on using it; it like the ricin/stevia are red herrings. After collecting and safely disposing of the ricin he turns himself in and allows himself to be captured. He works a deal to return "all" his money (he keeps some hidden for Skyler to "find" sometime after he dies) and turn in a much bigger fish than even Heisenberg: Madrigal, the center of an international drug smuggling empire, in exchange for getting Skyler off the hook.

    The show ends with Walt alone near death from cancer in a prison hospital watching a news report of high level Madrigal executives including Lydia being led off in cuffs. As he dies, his morphine makes him hallucinate visits from the cavalcade of people he killed or caused to die, led by Mike, Gus and Gale, and ending with Hank.

    In an epilogue we see 2037, where a filthy meth addict is turning tricks to feed her habit. As a bitter bit of irony we finally see that her name is... Hollly! The implications of Walt pumping high grade meth into the streets never affected him directly. Until now.

    Bonus epilogue (unlikely, but would be fun): As Walt dies, he suddenly wakes up from a nightmare and finds himself as Hal (Malcolm's dad) next to Lois (Malcolm's mom). Like Newhart, the whole show was a dream from a character in Bryan Cranston's former sitcom.

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. After Tuco was killed by Hank, Walt and Jesse began a journey through the desert. But then it cut to Walt being found naked in a grocery store with Jesse nowhere to be found. This is what I believed happened during that gap in time, and how it will affect the finale.

    Walt and Jesse got separated in the desert after a fight about what could've been done differently and what could happen with Tio Salamanca since they left him as a witness. As Walt began to travel in his own direction, he stumbled across Area 51 and is discovered nearly incapacitated by a CIA agent named Lydia. She brought him in for questioning because she found it unbelievable that a simple civilian could simply stumble upon the base. Shortly after he slipped into unconsciousness, during which he was placed in a cell near an alien with special telepathic abilities. The alien, Felina, sensed his troubles and disproved of his destructive lifestyle, having come from an alien race that cherishes family values. The alien infiltrated his mind and planted an intricate dream containing a series of events that are guaranteed to occur if he continues a life of crime.

    This dream ends with Walter White returning to Albuquerque with his weapons and ricin, killing Lydia with ricin (the actual CIA agent that represents the last memory in Walt's mind before slipping into unconsciousness [her sporadic appearance towards the end of the series signifies Walt's fight to wake up]) and wiping out Todd and the neo-Nazis with the machine gun in his trunk, Scarface style. Unfortunately, in his rush to kill Jack and the gang, Walt doesn't realize that his family had been kidnapped and they subsequently die in the crossfire. Jesse is the only one left alive and kills Walt after he frees him.

    Walter will wake up from his coma, be questioned by Lydia and other government agents, have his memory wiped, be discovered in the grocery store naked, but instead he will forget about his life of crime and return to his family and cancer.

    Vince Giligan wrote the X-Files so I claim 64.3% EV.

  51. My theory isn't all that involved, except that I think we have to understand more about what happened before Walt got sick to understand the last 5 seasons of madness. In a flashback scene, we saw Skyler pregnant with Flynn show Walter the home they eventually bought. At that point, Walt's still kind of a hotshot, and he's talking about wanting lots more children. Between then and the beginning of the series, Walter becomes a high school teacher moonlighting at a car wash to make ends meet.
    He had to give up his dreams of having an empire when Flynn was born with CP. He needed a job with good health benefits, and teaching provided that, although not much of a salary. Skyler gave up whatever she was doing (Beneke Fabricators?) to be the mother of a special needs child. They shelved the idea of having more children; Holly was a mid-life slip-up.
    He did it all for his family.
    I think Gray Matter or the Schwartzes figure in here somewhere. I don't think we've been given a clear timeline of when Walter left Gray Matter and took a buyout for his share of the company. It could have happened before Flynn was born, or could have been a consequence of Flynn's birth. That $5k may have been a godsend for the medical bills that likely piled up after his birth.
    After that, Walter White was never going to let medical bills threaten his family again.
    The show has to some extent always been a critique of the health insurance system in the US, reminding us that even people who have insurance and middle-income jobs can have every bit of financial security they ever had ripped out from under them when they get a diagnosis like cancer. For Flynn to have the care he needed, for Hank to walk again, for Walter to outlive his initial prognosis, their families could not rely on their health insurance companies.

  52. I don't have time to flesh this out correctly but I wanted to get our theory in!

    Walt confronts Grey Matter (maybe with the intent to use the ricin) and we see through flashbacks the whole story of why he left the company. He ends up leaving them alive and goes out and takes care of Lydia, Todd, and the rest. This includes freeing Jesse and finally making peace with him before Walt heads out to also have a heart to heart with Skylar and Flynn. After they make up Walt finally succumbs to the wounds he received during the battle with the bad guys and tragically dies. Jesse gives Marie a small moments peace by telling her where Hank is buried and she has the sudden inspiration to do something nice and get Jesse back on the right track. Epilogue - A few years later we see Jesse walk into Walt's old classroom and start the same speech "Chemistry is all about transformation ...." to his first class as a science teacher.

    This was the water cooler collaboration of myself and two coworkers. An alternate ending would be Skylar finding Walt's lottery ticket and discovering they won millions of dollars and are set up for life.

    Can you tell I really just want Jesse to be okay?!?

  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. Not entirely a theory about how it ends - more speculation in the end of Walt's relationship with Grey Matter. Season 1/Episode 2: In the classroom scene, Walt is lecturing on chirality and organic compounds that mirror each other. He stumbles through the example of Thalidomide - used to treat morning sickness and yet can cause birth defects.

    My theory is that and arrogant young Walt administered this to a pregnant Skyler and caused Flynn's condition. Gretchen and Elliot used this against Walt - promising not to tell Skylar if Walt takes the 5K buyout and leaves the company.

  55. 1) Gray Matter owns Madrigal. Gretchen and Elliot's "legal" fortune is built from exporting meth to Eastern Europe and laundering the money through Gray Matter's subsidiaries.
    2) Walt finds Jesse and gets him out of the pit. Jesse teams up with Walt to destroy the Nazis. Then Jesse turns on Walt, pushing him into the pit, walking away, leaving him to die a long horrible death.
    3) Lydia is Walt and Gretchen's love child. She gets ricin in her Stevia. (Love that theory even though it's not mine.) No idea how it gets there.
    4) Skylar attempts suicide again and succeeds.
    5) The lottery ticket that Walt made with the coordinates of the burial site of the money is a winner. After leaving Hank, Jesse wanders to Marie's house and Marie takes him in. When Jesse tells Marie where Hank is buried, she goes to the site and finds the lottery ticket on the ground. She cashes it in, Jesse gets Brock and moves in with Marie, Marie gets Flynn and Holly, and they all live happily ever after.

  56. Since the running theme of the show has always been "Walt gets out of the most precarious positions" my theory is that Walt lives and walks away with all the money. He knows he can't kill the Nazis with a machine gun that he doesn't even know how to operate, so he uses the ricin against the Nazis. The scene is similar to how Gus killed off the Mexican cartel. After that he is still so infuriated with Elliot and Gretchen that he holds them hostage until they somehow confess to being responsible for the entire SouthWest blue meth market. This will free Walt from any prison time and allow him to walk away. Remember the phone call to Skylar when he kidnapped his daughter might not have implicated Sklyar but it was so vague that it never implicated Walt either. Walt lets Jesse live because Jesse promises not to go after Skylar, but Jesse is so angry with the death of Jane that he kills Skylar to get back at Walt. Walt then has to live out the rest of his short life mourning Sklyar's death.

  57. Skyler, overwhelmed by money and legal problems, commits suicide. (Perhaps by drowning as she attempted once before?) The “Heisenburg” painted in yellow in the White’s old kitchen was put there by an angry and grieving Walt Jr. Skyler's sister is left to raise Holly and Walt Jr.

    Walt, in complete deranged Heisenburg mode, burns out of New Hampshire hell bent on two things:

    1. Getting his money back from the Nazis.
    2. Taking revenge against Gretchen and Elliot for hogging all the credit for Grey Matter and freezing him out.

    The gun Walt purchased from the sketchy guy in the diner is to take care of the Nazis. Walt succeeds in killing all the Aryans including Todd, just as Todd is about to kill Jesse. Walt then turns the gun on Jesse but cannot bring himself to shoot. He and Jesse have a final exchange of words, Walt still trying to explain and excuse his deeds, Jesse calling him on his BS. Walt.holding Jesse at bay with the gun, flees the Nazi compound and heads to the Grey Matter headquarters to take care of Gretchen and Elliot.

    Jesse finds and destroys the taped confession he made for Hank and Gomey. (The tape that had been stolen from Hank's home by the Nazis.) Because the tape contains the only solid evidence against him, Jesse is able to remain a free man. His experiences over the last two years have transformed him and he vows to turn his life around (Breaking Good!). Jesse adopts and raises Brock in Alaska.

    Lydia walks (into her own Breaking Bad sequel).

    The ricin is intended for Gretchen and Elliot. After finishing off the Nazis, Walt heads for the Grey Matter headquarters. However the cops have been alerted (by Jesse?) and are waiting for him there. Walt is killed in the gun fight and dies as ex girlfriend Gretchen (Filina) looks on in horror.

    Fade out to Marty Robbins song “El Paso”

  58. 1. The series will end with Walt going out in a blaze of glory and reclaiming his which point we pull back to reveal the doctor's office from the pilot. "Mr. White, did you hear what I just said?" "Yes. Cancer. Terminal." Cut to black.

    2. The final shot of the series will be Walt trying his meth for the first time.

  59. Skyler is pissed walt reaches out to son and has made him mad. So she flips and goes witness protection. Walt never sees his family.

    The Nazis should have killed Jesse and straight bounced with 69 Million but because they stupid Nazis Jesse pulls a save on himself and kills them.

    Walt, I have no idea how he gets back to ABQ but when he does Jesse shoots him in the face.

  60. Walt dies saving his family from the Nazis and Lydia.

  61. Walt holds Elliot and Gretchen hostage, until he explains his story and exonerates Skyler and makes sure his family is safe. Cops arrest Lydia, Uncle Jack, Todd and company. Becomes aware Jesse is still alive and also exonerates him. Walt dies of cancer.

    1. Oh and he thinks about using the ricin on himself, but doesn't.

  62. Brock shoots Todd with Andrea's pistol.

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. It will turn out that Walt fell asleep while getting his chemo and it was all a dream.

  65. My cockamamie theory: Felina is a character from the movie Last Man Standing. In the end there is only going to be a “Last Man Standing”.

    When Walt gets back to Arizona he goes to see Gretchen and Elliot to convince them to help him with his family after he dies. After what they’ve stolen from him, it should be the least they can do. However, it is all a ruse and he uses the ricin to kill them.

    Walt knows he can’t take on the Nazi’s alone and that they won’t be taken alive. He uses the DEA to take down the Nazi’s. The DEA find Jesse chained up and beaten. Since Hank never brought in the rest of the DEA they have no evidence on Jesse. They assume he’s a victim of the Nazis and release him. Todd is meeting with Lydia during the battle so he stays alive. Lydia rebuff’s Todd and he kills her. After he hears of the DEA battle, Todd assumes its Skyler that ratted them out and he kills Skyler and Holly. Walt wanting to see him family one last time, goes to the apartment and finds them dead. He’s in a grief stricken rage. Marie walks in and attacks Walt assuming he killed Skyler and Holly, but Walt kills Marie.

    Jesse knows Todd is still alive. He somehow finds him and kills him. Jesse still blames Walt for everything, so he finds Jr and uses him as bait for Walt. When Walt gets there Jesse and Walt get into a fight, and Walt kills Jesse. As Walt turns around, he is confronted with Jr holding a gun on him. Jr. shoots Walt in the chest, so there is a slow death scene. I think this CT kills everyone except, Jr as the last man standing.

  66. This comment has been removed by the author.

  67. Started writing up two theories but they went over the comment word count limit. Short versions…

    1. Walt enlists the aid of Badger and Skinny Pete to decimate Camp $hitkicker, rescue Jesse, and give Jesse his revenge/justice by asking his adopted meth cook apprentice son to kill him (and save him from the suffering of dying of his cancer).

    2. Walt uses the ricin to dose the most recent batch of Blue and lets it get distributed. The resultant mass poisoning raises Heisenberg to household name mass murderer status, and destroys the reps of Elliott, Gretchen, and Gray Matter, as well as Lydia, Todd, and Uncle Jack and his white supremacist irregulars. Elliott and Gretchen are on their way to financial ruin, while Lydia, Todd, and co can expect to be fired with extreme prejudice.

    The complete (and hopefully entertaining) crazy talk ramblings can be found here. Thanks for reading!

    Also, this… =)

  68. I think Walt's central motivation, revealed after he passed $737,000 was one thing: ego. He's not in the money business or the meth business. He's in the "Empire Business". The Charlie Rose interview with Gretchen and Elliott is truly what confirms this and propels this show into the pantheon of classic Greek tragedy.

    Ozymandias wasn't just about Walt's rock bottom but also his desire for the world, to "look on [his] works, ye mighty, and despair."

    Therefore, with that in mind:
    5% odds Gretchen & Elliott are killed, causing the stock to plummet, and Walter orchestrates a hostile takeover of Grey Matter through an obfuscated web of offshore shell companies after he retrieves his money from Uncle Jack.

    6% odds Walt lures the Aryans to Grey Matter headquarters so the final showdown culminates in the complete destruction of the HQ a la Heath Ledger's Joker.

    Early on I thought the ricin was for Lydia (references to her tea, Stevia, etc. throughout this season) but now I'm not so sure after reading everyone's cockamamie theories! Todd has taken up tea drinking, so I wouldn't put it past the show to have him drink it, but that would just seem like a waste of Chekhov's ricin.

    Other predictions:
    Walt - dies
    Jesse - dies
    Skyler - dies
    Marie - lives
    Flynn - lives
    Saul - lives
    Lydia - dies
    Rosencrantz & Guildenstern (Badger & Skinny Pete) - live

    P.S. I really want Rosencrantz & Guildenstern to give up drugs: Badger become the next director for "Star Trek" and Skinny Pete to makes his debut in Carnegie Hall, but there's just not enough time to put that into the show...

  69. Sorry, in a rush: Badger *becomes* the next director for "Star Trek" and Skinny Pete *makes* his debut in Carnegie Hall, but there's just not enough time to put that into the show...

    1. Not so much a theory as a semiotics comment, but one more thought: When Skyler cuts Walt's hand in "Ozymandias", the following line came to mind from The Merchant of Venice: "If you prick us, do we not bleed? if you tickle us, do we not laugh? if you poison us, do we not die? and if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?"

      Skyler pricked Walt. This would support the speculation that the poison is for Walt and he goes down guns blazing against the Nazis/Grey Matter. The tickling part, I'm not so sure of, though the ending of "Crawlspace" where Walt cackles helplessly and the camera zooms out from a top down perspective was epic. I expect a final scene that's just as memorable.

  70. Oranges, my friends. The oranges dropped by a fearful neighbor in episode 509 is Gilligan and Co nodding to the Godfather, in my humble opinion. There were exactly three oranges... in my mind, this means three people are going to die. We have seen two of those deaths... Hank, and Andrea. I predict only a single additional death, in tonight's episode.

  71. In "Live Free or Die" Walt puts the number 52 on his Denny's plate using his bacon strips. He says it's his birthday, but it really isn't. He wouldn't have his real birth date on a fake NH driver's license. He's leaving a final clue for someone in that diner to find. It's for the family, but it isn't the money he's leading them to. It's Hank's body and the coordinates are: +34° 59′ 20.00″, -106° 36′ 52”

    I don't know how Walt gets revenge on the Nazis, Lydia, and the Schwartzes, but I'm sure it will be devilishly brilliant. After Jesse gets free from "the Opie-dead eyed piece of $#!*" and Uncle Jack's Merry Band of Neo-Nazis, Walt will tell Jesse to kill him. He'll say, "Go ahead. If I have to die, I want it to be by your hands. After all I have done to you. You deserve to end my life." Jesse, who is holding a gun, possibly the M60, will think it over for a moment. Then he'll say, "No. Death is too easy for you. You're going to prison, bitch!" Walt is taken into custody. Sometime soon after, he takes the ricin to expedite his demise. (EV: 2%)

  72. No significant victory is directly achieved over the Nazis as the overarching theme of the series will the inevitability and cyclical nature of growth and decay. Walter is powerless to change much about the continuing of Todd's still ascendant path except Jesse's involvement. Walt slips Jesse the ricin cigarette so that Jesse can escape by taking his own life, an act that is part mercy and part continuing control and rage, status quo for them. There may be some spectacular intra group Nazi violence over the money or the direction. Walt knows some secret that can damage Grey Matter and/or Gretchen and Elliot and he unleashes it. He turns himself in, but we are left with the impression that he will run out of time before he can repair much of anything with his family. Last scene will be a cook with Todd with some kind of foreshadowing of his own future decay.

  73. Walt Jr. dies. Walt is isolated/damaged/still sure of himself. Jesse lives. Marie raises Baby Holly. Todd moves to Texas, opens an Applebee's, and joins the boosters.

  74. Junior and his Chekhov's driving foot must run over some Nazis at some point.

    Holly grows up, invests the fortune, changes her identity and moves into the Hamptons mansion next door to Lydia, and then proceeds to take her down with a great deal of scheming.

  75. It's over, so no more theories to be had, but I just want to state for the record that this page represents the biggest, most delightful collection of tv nerds that ever was. Also, some of you are terrifying in your accuracy.


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